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  1. Enjoy hunter spells on firestorm-servers.Have a nice day
  2. INTERESTING noone mentions me as the best priest u even mentioned prajst as r2 not me as r1 KEK
  3. Up this right now, to the developer who thinks dispersion removed 75% damage and removed my ticket he must leave the job, It is literally patch 7.x that i linked the spell on MoP works as 90% reduction AND it should reduce execution sentence’s damage as well.
  4. Title: Arenas for Mists of Pandaria Type: In-game Description:  Greetings.Its your PvP Guru once again with a suggestion of making something different in the PvP brackets with some modding and I know its possible. So the following suggestion is about adding different arena maps which require different playstyles in-game different expansion arenas like the remodeled blade egde arena with 2 blocks instead of stairs, + I would like to know if its possible even though it won't make it blizzlike it is more exclusive as a MoP server to have newer arenas and I think it will attract more visitors from different servers and it will increase population overall in arenas. + add line of sight in the ruins of lordaeron please Ashamane's Fall arena in Val'sharah Black Rook Hold Arena in Val'sharah Shado-Pan Showdown arena in Kun-Lai Summit Hook Point in Boralus Mugambala in Zuldazar
  5. Greeting to everyone except people who abuse bugs. So I didn't find how to type in the bugtracker so I will do it here. As the only high-performing priest or at least say the only full-time priest on the server I would like to report some bugs who are destroying the entire game of SP (shadow priest). Execution Sentence - anyone knows this paladin spell, apart from that it works inside Dispersion, so if I am at 100k inside a dispersion this will most likely kill me instant. The other class that makes it quite unplayable for a Shadow priest and it really annoys me is that u cannot control a BM pet, No matter if its a Fear or Polymorph the pet keeps following and the monkey who controls it as a pet spams KC ( Kill Command) and I don't care that I have 70k (70 000) armor I get 70 k spams on me, but I won't talk about the damage here since its not the real problem, the real problem is that u cannot control the pet of the hunter no matter how much CC it has on him. Literally there is a pig that follows me in hits me on all circumstances. It makes it quite uncomfortable for a double DPS comp as Shatter which I only play since I am losing to people who are abusing and are on the top of the ladder just because they found a new way of making it out of the gutter. I know its a 5.4 expansion and I know that every fix is available on the net without any problems. P.S I am just stating facts about the bugs from the arenas I've seen in the last week of my playtime,I've tested it numerous times outside and inside arena. In conclusion Shadow priest is quite not competetive inside the 2v2 bracket I won't mention the 3v3 one since it is is not played that much. Have a nice day!
  6. Frostbolt on another mage's elemental causes it to get damaged and in the mean time to get healed by the frostbolt ?:KEK:?
  7. Yo, First of all pet goes through all the wall like its nothing at least this dinosaur shit which basicly 1 shots everything. If you play this dino pet you're a gay oficially and if you're a female then u a hoe.So lets continue kill command does 160k to a mage with Molten armor which descreases physical dmg by 16% so I won't calculate this shit I can already tell you this shit ignores armor.To continue with we can actually see that people are playing ONLY bm hunters which means they are bugged. Me as a elder WoW player can say that this is not legit and in fact its quite frustrating and more likely to say annoying.Since I am from the like 2 other teams who are playing 2 dps above 2.4 can say that facing this dogshit comps like holy pala and bm and DISCO is almost impossible to win them because of the damage even though their skill level is capped at 1.8k rating.Forgot to say pet ignores Fears and pollies. Gets ccéd only in ring of frost. PS.Congrats for winning me and my mate I can only say you're lame and full of crippling deppression but I hope it continues. Lmao,imagine how much it pissed me off to write it on the forums complaining about some class bugged damage.
  8. Lock this
  9. I get random Disconnect (wowerror) when I try to enter 1 of my chars or cast a spell.This is pure trash. Thanks.
  10. Same problem, seems they have a problem in the system, we will wait for further answers!
  11. Born in Argentina, living in North Korea. Long story short
  12. Get the duels with me :V
  13. And how do you expect to have fun of pvp? Before WoD things were the same lets make it clear, they made it even easier with those battle chests to gear urself even easier, you are not having fun on wotlk, cataclysm,mop and wod and u expect to have fun in legion as well? Let me tell you its nothing special, clearly its good but the Firestorm team has nothing to do with the game, people want it blizzlike they get it blizzlike of course there will be doubters about the decisions.Clearly lets say the launch of the legion expansion here will be bugged.If its a pvp realm as they say you won't have fun on it either, get some friends with you and start communicating while playing and you will get the most of the fun this game is made for.
  14. So, you can't win bgs and you haven't done any skirmishes I can see. Check the calendar and see what this week has to offer. I geared myself with honor gear with some skill and skirmishes in arena 150honor per win and 100 per lose..
  15. Of course it won't come here today, or maybe in the next week or two, don't be that greedy let them finish their work