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  1. Title: Gold for Points Type: In-game Description:  So, I noticed that there is not an option to transfer or copy a character from one expansion (say Legion) to another (say BFA). However, that makes all of the characters from the previous xpack useless. So, my suggestion is to do something like we have on Retail. Retail has a WoW token. You can use your in-game gold to buy it. It would be cool to get something like that where we can spend gold to get points for the shop. Maybe let us transfer them to Loyalty points. Say, 100K gold for like 25 loyalty points or something along those lines.
  2. Added you on Discord.
  3. The only reason I ask is that there was someone in the in-game English chat channel spreading one around that they made themselves. Also, I can't find you in the Firestorm Discord.
  4. Is it the one that Firestorm is actually releasing or is it one that someone made and is spreading? I'm looking for the official one they mentioned in the MDI announcement.
  5. Title: Fio Addon Type: In-game Description:  An addon was announced in the announcement for the MDI event. However, we still do not have any word on it. Is there an estimated release date for the Firestorm IO addon for Sethraliss?
  6. Definitely work on getting your cloak, unlocking assaults and visions, and completing those.
  7. Hello there! I competed in, was a team manager for a team in, and coached a team for the Official Mythic Dungeon International tournaments from Activison Blizzard for 5 seasons, as well as the Keystone Masters tournaments for 3 seasons. I also carried people's weekly chests for them for free on stream, along with quite a few bigger carry streamers. I noticed a lot of people running odd builds, wrong Azerite or Essences, running weird routes in dungeons, as well as other things. I realized that is only because they just didn't play during this patch, they've never done the content, or they just generally don't know. So, I would love to offer my services of coaching to the members of the Firestorm community. I will give all of the information I have learned from experience, learned from analyzing for teams and players, as well as learned from playing with/talking with the pro players. This is all for free, but I accept tips of in-game gold for those who are appreciative for the help ;D. This link is for a Google Document showing all of the information for the coaching. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me via the Firestorm Discord (Hothead123). Thank you and I look forward to talking with all of you! (P.S. If this is not allowed here, or at all, please let me know. I didn't see anything saying it wasn't, but I am more than happy to remove it or move it to another section.)