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  1. Hello So when firestorm released shadowlands you could use the Simc add on and paste in Raidbots to Sim your characters because retail was at the same version or one version higher. I was wandering if there is a way to Sim my characters for the current version(9.2.7).
  2. Hello. Yesterday i did an epic bg because of the new patch that said you get "Epic Battleground: 12 Shreds per WIN" I got 2 wins 2 shreds. Dont know if it is a bug or not just giving the info.
  3. Hello i want to ask if there is any new gold farming location as seat of the triumvirate is no longer relevant.
  4. As the title says i know the client is on 8.2.0 but there is 8.2.5 content so im wandering if i download 8.2.0 addons will there be missing things in the addon or should i download 8.2.5 or 8.3.0 addons
  5. Hello i just started playing again and i was wandering what version of the addons should i download? ty