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  1. I'd like to point out that the quest giver for the selfie camera isn't implemented, and i would ask if you have any plans to do so, since i discussed about it with many people and they think i'd be a good small litle feature on the server
  2. I ran ICC with my friend the other day and we both got invincible. I braged to my guild, and they've told me that invincible is scripted to be 100% drop chance. If this is true, may i know what other mounts or items are optimized, since i am a retail player myself and don't know much about the script. Also, i tried running Magister's Terrace, but as you know i need a quest to run heroic to get the mount, and the quest giver, Kalec, doesn't give the quest in the dungeon. Is that a bug or it isn't scripted?