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  1. I have such a question because I have patch 9.1.5 does experience work on alt characters in Torghast adds a link to the website (V
  2. I have the same problem, I don't know why I tried at 15 lv, 50 lv, I will see at 60 lv
  3. charakter names: Daroxe locatios:Maldraxuus Chapters:Ritual for the Damned
  4. I have a request, I made a whole chapters called (Ritual for the Damned), I don't have it counted and I can't find any more cheats and I am asking for help, I hope you will help me somehow
  5. works here (Chromie) because I wanted to get exp in the legion and I can't find the NPC
  6. I have a question if you can get Loyalty points on Shadowlands.I spoke to (Jeanne) and I didn't even get one