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  1. Since WOD items apparently cannot be obtained anymore, I would like to make a request for this weapon appearance in the shop. The item is called Mindsythe of the Legion / Demon blade Evicerator. You get these twin Fist weapons as drop from Fel Lord Zakuun from Hellfire Citadel. These fist weapons look really nice and I would like to get them from the shop if possible. If this isn't the right area on the forums to ask for this, direct me to a better place.
  2. Title: Allow xp growth to be set to 0 Type: In-game Description:  The NPC who locks your xp and level is currently broken. I do not know if this bug is difficult to fix or not, since it has been in the game for over a month, or possibly much longer. The player base is very aware of this, and the lv 10-19 battlegrounds are completely dead because of the inability to twink. If the NPC is to difficult to fix, then perhaps you could change the NPC who changes your xp rates from 1, 3, or 5 (depending on zone) to allow you to change your xp rate to 0. You already have the ability to let us change our XP rates, just adding this one option would allow those of us to play in a specific battleground without leveling to do so. Thumbs up and stuff if anyone else agrees
  3. I will submit a suggestion, but I don't think that's the problem. The playerbase has been aware of this bug for quite some time, as I can see by looking up similar threads asking for this to be fixed or changed. As for your suggestion, I think that would be a little to far in player freedom. Expecially since there are plenty of items that do not have a required level to equip, but you must be a certain level to get the quest that gives the item as a reward. So you could level to 110. then get an item with 1000 stamina, then equip it and change your level to 19 then run around the lv 10-19 battleground with 15,000 hp, three times more than you should have. And this is only with one item. You could have many. I would rather the NPC that locks Xp just be fixed. Or if this bug is to difficult, allow the npc to change your xp growth to a factor of 0
  4. Since the NPC who is supposed to Lock your XP so you don't gain levels anymore is bugged and has been bugged for over a month with no fix in sight. Would it be possible for a mod or GM or anyone to simply lock a specific character's XP for a player so he can twink? If its just a switch you can press or simply set all xp gain to 0? There are tons of players that want to twink but can't because the NPC is bugged Is it possible for someone to turn off a characters XP? Edit - The ability to change your XP rate is already in game, however it is locked to 1, 3, or 5 depending on zone. If you can't fix the NPC to set xp to 0, why not just make the NPC who can set your xp to 1,3, and 5 able to also set it to 0?
  5. I did that. It still downloads while I play the game.
  6. I started a Worgen the other day and and started questing. But became halted because right after I turn into a worgen, the next quest that has me killing undead is not completed, as the Undead are not spawning. I youtubed the quest, and there are supposed to be npc's fighting and enemies around, but I'm not getting that. I figured it was because the game was still downloading, but I sat there for over two hours and nothing has changed. That little circle telling me the game is downloading is still there, but down where it says FPS, it also says the game is 0% downloaded. So I don't know if the game is stuck or not. I downloaded the 'full' torrent but nothing has changed still. Is this area bugged?
  7. Been playing on the legion server for about two days, but its still downloading content while I'm playing, halting me from completing quests and playing. Is there a way to download the entire game so I don't have to deal with this? This is my first private server, so I don't know much about this type of thing.