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  1. ok thank you
  2. my paladin just did lorewalker even the ones in throne of thunder but i am only revered
  3. sorry i thought it was at the pandaria tab it s working
  4. let me check
  5. it didnt work at all if i kill the npc it says 7rep in the chat but under the rep tab houjin is not there in the reputation tab
  6. i will go try now and tell u if grim batol works
  7. hi i am trying to get pandarian ambassador but if i do old dungeons with the [Huojin Tabard] equipped i dont get rep at all is there specific dungeons on firestorm that works for rep farming because all the ones i tried doesnt i have made prinstcreens
  8. can anyone tell me where i can find Magic Rooster Egg that turns into a rooster mount, on the firestorm shop
  9. thank you i will try
  10. i downloaded the client. now if i try to run it the game doesnt launch. it shows in task bar but wont start. how do i fix it. it doesnt give errors