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  1. bug

    The Keystone quest for DH is definitely broken It is impossible to continue from this quest since the target has 111k health and many mobs that attacks me the Npc that was supposed to help me attacks me instead in their demonic form, i cant cancel or dispel the queens bite just making it impossible even with heals, i cant solo this
  2. I just invited my friend to play wow bfa on firestorm , literally its his first time here but he cant create an account which says you created too many accounts you need to wait an hour, but he just went in to this website like minutes ago, last night i was able to create an account just fine, so we waited 2 hours anyway because we were watching a movie, then after when he tried to create an account it just says the same thing so i created an account for him in my place with different ip but now mine also says the same Help please