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  1. 1v1

    Hey, I cannot tag 1v1 anymore. When I try to talk to the monkey npc there is no dialogue page that open up. Was working well until yesterday. It's not working on all my toons. Anyone got a solution?
  2. Hello @Tigd, I'm playing in french so I'm not sure for the name of the spell but it's a passive which give you a bonus of 40% haste if you use a 2H weapon and 40% on automatic hit with 2x1H weapons. There is a post on the french forum from 2016 asking if this passive is now working properly but no answer so far. Do yo know if this spell works? and if yes, is it more profitable to use 2x1H or one 2H?
  3. Hello, Is the bug fixed or is it still more beneficial to use a 2H weapon?