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  1. A little background, I am a medically retired US Army infantrymen who just finished up a degree in Physics and spend my time on retail and private servers in wow because I got messed up in the Army physically and cannot walk, I am not an uneducated, racist slob teen like your populace is used to. I tried your server, my whole family and some of my friends have as well. And at first it seemed great... far less bugs then other servers, it seemed good... So I poured a shitload of manhours into leveling a few characters on both sides. Well, in your World chat english, there are just the worst sort screaming ALLAh, and gas all jews... n word this and n word that and talking about homosexuals and trans and politics and every horrible fucking thing under the sun. And admidst all this poisonous stuff I deflect attack after attack by trolls, quite well. I had never been kicked or had any issues, none of us have in our group of people that came to your server together. Well, people just keep that shit up don't they? Screaming and caps, and racism and homophobics... and then after diverting a couple trolls from attacking me, I get muted.... I got muted? These GMs kick every poor sap that speaks a wrong language because its the default chat (xenophobic as hell is funny stance on a server full of people from so many countries) so you know they are there, and they let these regulars just make everything terrible. Then you mute me, while I am not even talking... I didn't use racial slurs, I did not spam, I did nothing and got muted. And when I came back and said, what the hell? I got muted for no reason, screw this server ... I got muted again, while a couple regular trolls were cursing me because i spoke, and promising to fist me anally. Reason, disrespecting admin. I guess you have so many players that one (or actually the half dozen or so that followed me there friends and family) ... so that one or a few or a half dozen players do not matter to you. I guess you have so many players you do not mind running off the new ones. GREAT! I am so glad that you are doing so well with your server, you don't need people and your word-of-mouth factor isn't any concern of yours as well. So I guess I want to congratulate you on your wonderful success of your server population that you can alienate and chase off legit players who just try to handle the shit storm. So feel free to delete my account, I will play somewhere, where the GMs want more players and do not attack people who try to survive the trolls and ask people not to be a bunch of a jew hating children. And I am sure this will be deleted as well. I will come back and delete my account in a few days on the off chance anyone has a chance to read or give a fuck about how you are killing your server.