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  1. you have lootboxes in store for gear..
  2. just level, no gear...
  3. Pantheon guild, is all that you mentioned and more...but I dont if they/we are accepting new members..
  4. can demon hunters then serve the purpose as well? (lvl to 109 and then swap race to voidelf/lighforged and get the heritage armor?)
  5. haha xD............otherwise...Boris always makes an appearance in December...dont worry
  6. Theres is! But it is very can do it via marketplace..
  7. Hello, garrison Enchanting follower bonus does not allow/sell weapon and or other illusions as it should. Engineering followers work as intended, but enchanting does not. Many players would be much appreciative if someone from the staff/developers looked into this... so enchanters can acquire the wanted illusions for our weapons. Kind regards
  8. did u go to the spawn location of the boss?
  9. You have to relog after completion and go to the spot where the boss spawns in order to receive the quest...
  10. Heart seemin u such a good hearted person...mind fixing wod garrison follewer 'Ahm' so people can pick weapon illusion from enchant building (on sylvanas ofc)? pretty pls with sprinkles on top
  11. thx, just found it can confirm it is where it should be...
  12. Hello, the 9th orb for the wboss quest 'DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering' is missing! It is not where it should be........pls a quick fix or tip where you moved it.... link-->
  13. BUMP!!!!!!! we were promised a changelog within 2 days.---today is day no.2
  14. Use official Blizzard launcher and dl the whole game...then install fstorm launcher and it will downgrade your install so you can play on fstorm...
  15. Guild drop log shows all Legendary drops of all the guildmembers..start from there