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  1. fixed somehow
  2. hi i have same problem i canot log in like 2 hours on any of realms
  3. Ive pleyed in bfa this day and meet some horde Rdruid -Honaxia from stealth she use insta spell called Obsidian Claw 50yard range,insta,2 min cooldown. From instead of 2k damage for 8.5s and 1.4 mana it did 36k for 0.8s to 54k in one crit an rdruid cannot did so much damage please check it
  4. hello mr/s developers when it will be across sertver with characters on shadowlands server: thanks for answer
  5. Hello developments please can you add in game NPCs- Bragni - NPC - World of Warcraft (,Jinxy Blastwheel - NPC - World of Warcraft ( for learning 400ilvl combatant items; thank you for you ansver