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  1. I have a few things to say. First of all, I'm glad about the affli artifact trait fixes, soulstone too. Yet there's one thing that haven't been fixed properly, still. I posted it on bugtracker, it was said to be fixed multiple times, yet it is not. I'm talking about Drain Soul and its channeling. In EoA, violent winds mechanics still interrupts the channeling, even tho every other casting is not interrupted. Second of all, as the Drain Soul makes your character turn facing to the target, it is considered as movement by the legendary boots (Norgannon's Foresight) and despite standing on single place without walking, whe 8s "stand still" counter doesn't start. Maybe nobody understood me all those months on bugtracker what the issue was, as it was considered fixed yet it is not. Should I make a quick video, with weak auras counter so that you can see where the real issue is? Ps. I love the work you devs put into lock for this summer content patch, I'm mentioning it again just so that you know that it wasn't fixed last time, and should not be considered done for future development progress. Thank you.
  2. bad
  3. I've had quite a few max lvls on Warlords realm, but moved all of them to Legion via the transfer. Is it OK for me now to sell those characters on the WoD realm via the firestorm shop, or are they anyhow "entangled" with the new transferred ones on the sylavanas legion realm that would prevent me to do so? Thanks for your replies.
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    Exploiting server-side bugs and deliberate abuse of them is also prohibited as far as I know.
  5. report

    I've just joined 3v3 to play unranked and this DK was clearly bugged. After killing his 2 mates, we couldn't 3v1 kill him, as he was immune to completly all damage, everything absorbed (like few millions dmg total). Laugh emotes and stuff, so he clearly knew what he was doing. There are some screenshots: Btw.: Hopefully this is the correct forum where to post it, I'm not used to reporting players.
  6. Then you should submit it to bugtracker.
  7. And this "transfer" called "copy" in shop does actually leave the WoD character also on WoD, just making duplicate on Legion?