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  1. Hello Guys, I found some time to update the ELVUi related Addons for 7.3.5 For myself i use ELVUi 10.74, which works pretty fine and can be downloaded here: for elder Versions of ELVUi you only have to change to At this time most of ELVUi or Tukui Addons can be downloaded from Since, not all are updated to 8.x - ELVUi AddonSkins - LocationPlus - ELVUi CustomTweaks - ELVUi ExtraDatatexts If any questions are upcoming, let me know. Greetings
  2. This depends on the Fact you are bursting both Raidbosses with Max DPS, .... If you do that with a phased Boss, it probably could happen the Boss gets stuck between Phases. Like if you burst down Ragnaros 25 HC Firelands, Gartz you will get no Loot and no Achievement. Maybe it helps
  3. Its also possible to do MoP Daily Quests and Rare Mobs on Isle of Thunder which grant you And if you mouseover a Quest with Valorpoints, for me, it shows me how much i already have. Seems only to be a Visual Bug. I figured this out while hanging around in Pandaria, ....
  4. After downloading, did you use the Launcher to start World of Warcraft? If not, you will have to open the File in your WTF Folder Put the following Line at the End of your wtf File SET realmlist
  5. GRID2 for 6.2.2
  6. I think i know what is your Mistake, Addons need to be extracted from a .zip archive (for ex Winrar 5.40) and extract here (so you prevent your experienced Error) Addons need to find place in the following Folder X:\your WoW Install Folder\Interface\Addons Always check on wowace or curseforge for the Addon relating to your played Gameversion For ElvUI 7.1.5 try this Version: If you need more Assistance, write me a PM so we can talk about what you need. Greetz
  7. Had the same Problem, i think it depends on missing Reputation on the desired Char because not all Factions are transfered correctly, like many of my Achievements too. Greetz
  8. Are there any Informations about Tanaan Djungle and relating Quests, NPCs, Rares? Would be nice to hear something positive. Greetz
  9. Posted all Daily Quests from Tanaan in another Post here and also a GM took personal Notice of it, and told me to send my request to Dev´s Hands. Tried most of them, some work with *sarcastic sound* the serious Number of 2 killable NPC´s which should grant 100% Dropchance on the Questrelated Item, most times you have to kill these 2 6 times or more often to at least receive one Questitem. Same for Ore Deposits, no effective Loot for 20 or more Deposits, if you are really lucky sometimes you get one Felblight. (Update 10 says more Ore Deposits in Tanaan) I think the Update didn´t went properly or something went wrong with the Database.
  10. To get the Perquest for Tanaand, you will have to have the following: Garrison Main Building on Level 3 Shipyard Level 1 If you own Garrison Level 3 and Shipyard Level 1, a "!" pops Up from Lord Varian Wrynn himself, who offers you the Pre Quest for Tanaand Djungle. Here is a Full Tanaand Guide from WoWhead And Here is a Full Shipyard Guide from WoWhead
  11. Remember it´s the first of April, .... So maybe it´s all a "totallywrongwent" April Joke
  12. Traveled to Talador for the other Mobs and recognized, ... hey it ain´t working, too Greetz Soulstorm
  13. Found out that farming for a whole hour brings at least 1 Felblight, ..... The Update says: Gather Felblight, Reputation for different Factions, receive Loot from Chests, ... and i tested it. In 3 hours farming Ore i gathered 7 Felblight and found 2 Oredeposits with herbs instead of ore in it. Legal what Mob listed for Faction Reputation you kill, ... no Reputation. Had 2 Chests in my Bank both Mythic, no Loot. Now going to test the other Mobs for Reputation. Giving Report soon Soulstorm
  14. At the Moment i am testing how far Process is done in Tanannd Djungle. I managed to get Lionswatch and Aktar´s Post Flying Points and Quests. I am stuck at the following Quests for now: Tried almost everything but can´t really manage to complete. Maybe someone has some Information for me Greetings Soulstorm
  15. I will have a look on, .... It says i use an older Version of ELVUi, but it works properly, ... let me know if u want to have it Greetz