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  1. Greetings, Today I beat feral druid class challenge at the Mage Tower, I got the skin for my artifact, but I didn't get neither class mount nor achievement [A Challenging Look] ,that other people get. However I have this quest ( that's not marked as complete because I can't get the objective "Raise your weapon." Help me solve this issue please. P.S. if any proof is required in form of screenshots I can provide it.
  2. Greetings, I found an e-mail today from Firestorm sent on my request to recover my old Pandashan account, in that e-mail there is my username I used way back then and a new password. I would like to transfer (copy) my characters from Pandashan acc. to Firestorm - Legion, but the thing is I cannot login on Firestorm website entering e-mail address on which I received letter from Firestorm. When I try to enter that e-mail address the message appears saying 'Your username/password are incorrects.' Considering information above I would like to know: 1) How do I access my old account on this website? 2) Is it still possible to copy old characters to Firestorm?
  3. hello? any GM ?
  4. +1 we need them to be droppable in game, would be much fun for us to farm them
  5. .
  6. Greetings Firsetorm Staff I previously posted a topic in this forum section on Tuesday at 12:04 AM which was left without your attention, also I made in-game ticket the same day, it is still unanswered. Seeing as other people get a response withing 24h I decided to make this topic again. Here is a link to my previous topic I'm hoping to hear from you.
  7. Hi there. Today I got disconnected while in the Molten Core raid, a few minutes later I logged back and my loading screen was stuck for a while, I got teleported to my home location, the next thing that happened I found out I cannot reenter the raid. This needs to get fixed, I've seen similar reports on this issue on forum, as well as complaints in the chat, and I feel it deserves attention from the dev team. Peace.
  8. Hello community, I've been playing on Pandashan (MoP server) for quite some time and now I've decided to bring one of my characters to WoD where I'm currently playing. I've recovered my old account already but now I'm wondering how do I actually transfer my character from that account, any suggestions or ideas? Thank you all in advance!