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  1. my pleasure , friend ^^
  2. if it's empty go do the nazjatar intro quest chain to talk to magni so he can send you back there .
  3. sounds like a good idea tbh !
  4. amen to that !
  5. same here . tired of this bullshit fr ...
  6. It was a bug or something , if you didn't do the mage tower challenge you won't get the mount ...
  7. The mount were probably a mistake or a bug or something of the sort ... if you want the mount you either do the quest(which is not working ) or mage tower challenge (which is your only way to get your class mount) . If i were you i wouldn't be mad at this because it'll probably be taken down and only the people with the achievement for the mage tower quest will still hold on their mounts, because it's unfair in many ways to get it with 0 effort while the rest of us who managed to farm it tried hard for weeks and days .
  8. stream

    Nice i'd love to see that
  9. Bruh i'm dead xDDD