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  1. lul it only about chance and not about points it sad very very sad i did like 10000000 bg and 10000 arena and 100 rbg and 100000000000000000 skrim and all mythic every week and chain mm+ like 10 per day till now 0 legendary so forget this chance
  2. Rly ? Trying Hard To Get The Hardest Mythic+ more and more and for Nothing and it aint critical ? ooh it just a fix easy it will be fixed soon .... or ooh yea it bugged this week ... ooh it gonna be fixed soon..... ooh yea this is should be updated but no......ooh oo h ooh oooh ooh ok ok! and you know how is called ?ok it called a very bad week.
  3. i hop it gonna solve sool
  4. well he is the only Dlock who play without ( charred remains ) in c2/c3
  5. he is good realy, do not say offi becaus the lock offi is better then there.