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  1. Update the UI with a Pet Action Bar. Update should be live on Curse.
  2. Some stuff is missing, so I wouldn't say it's fully usable yet. But I'm working pretty much all my spare time on this, so within a few weeks it should be pretty complete. I'm currently downloading the game clients for Firestorm, so I can soon start to properly test it on all version too. At least, all versions from WotLK and up.
  3. I'm working on a Diablo III themed UI. I've based it on screenshots I've taken while playing D3, as well as added a few bits of custom art. This is NOT RothUI, just to have that said. I'm highly inspired by his work over the years, but this is my own creation, and with the graphics and similarities to D3 taken to the next level! I'm writing it so it's compatible both with live WoD, the Legion beta, as well as private realms running WotLK, Cata and MoP! I've been testing this on the Warmane WoW realms, but I'm currently in the process of trying it out on more to assure compability. Check it out!