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  1. Hello everyone! So i format my HDD and my WoW MoP is gone and I can't find the MB! (don't wanna install the game from the Firestorm Launcher) Can someone please give me the link? Is there any guide on the forum how to download the game with MB? Thanks!
  2. Thanks
  3. Can someone give me the realmlist for Wotlk and Cataclysm? I can't find it
  4. Greetings, Firestorm-Servers! I just want to ask you guys what is the best healing class for PvP? Because I wanna quit a little bit of twinking! I heard that Resto Shamans are pretty the BEST class in this game atm. So are monks and druids any good or is shaman the only good class? Thanks!
  5. Hope they fix it! The same with heirloom mogs. You can't mog your heirloom gear anymore but on retail you can. I am planning too to transfer some of my twinks on the Rassharom realm because the twinking population there is insane or just to level a new character and to send all heirloom from Taran'zhu to other realm. Firestorm pls fix it.
  6. Guild Necessity looking for really active twink players! Please message me if you guys are interested so i can give you my skype for more info and we can maybe play together (Skype group) Brackets: 15-19 (would be awesome if you guys create some 19 twinks to make the bracket kinda popular, we will plan to do a Wargame vs a really active twinking guild on the Rassharom realm) 60-64 70-74 85-89
  7. I remember in the Tyra season, i had 2,4k 2v2 rating on my old 74 twink which is deleted and got no reward so we need some rewards like Brutal Gladiator Title or just the Gladiator title Going to push again to 2,4k or maybe more on my 74 rogue (atm 1,9k because my mate is not active anymore) So hope we get some rewards
  8. As Wtfhappend said he would give me his R9 270X and here are the final results: Processor: i5-4460 GPU: R9 270X MOBO: Asrock Z97 PSU: Corsair VS650 RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz (gonna go first with 4, after will upgrade to 8) Case: Sharkoon VS4-S (looks damn sexy) So what you guys think?
  9. Thanks alot guys for the help!
  10. Oh that sounds great
  11. Thanks but i decided now to buy a GTX 750 2GB DDR5
  12. Well I hope i can play CS:GO on lets say 100 FPS from the specs i posted
  13. Thanks i was planning to buy the GTX 750 2GB DDR5 but its kinda expensive here in Croatia
  14. Thanks So you playing on High with no lag?
  15. Hello everyone So im playing on a potato laptop for 5 years which turned off all the time when doing PvE and PvP and next week i will get a new PC so i want to ask you guys if these specs are decent for 400 euro! Processor: AMD X4 860K Graphics card: Asus R7 250-1GD5 RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz PSU: 500W Can i run WoW on medium graphics with no lag and are the specs decent? Thanks