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  1. What kind of macros are u looking for?
  2. Hey, I'm just tired of these crashes and dcs. When the staff knows the server isn't reliable they should inform so. The status page is still showing all operational but server shows incompatible in realm list... When the server is going to restart you should inform that it's not safe to play for the next hour or keep the server down and inform beforehand of the incoming restarts and how long the server will be off. The current way is far from professional.
  3. Delete cache?
  4. 7.2

    Just take the most balanced patch from legion and script is up asap before new expansion comes
  5. Title: Ping update to status page Type: Website Description:  Hey, I just thought to suggest that u could add a ping system or something like that to ur status page. Currently it only shows "Working" as status even though the realm was down. So I thought that maybe the status page can't monitor the server so maybe setting up a process to ping the website and the server could actually give some information to the ones following status page. I hope u have better idea but would be great if the status page could actually give some feedback to players. Best regards, Blackhearted
  6. If the group is horrible everyone should have the choice to leave. It would be extremely hard to make a system or get enough staff to be able to keep track of that type of players. We have problems even as it is. Maybe the heal was frustrated with ending up in bad teams? You had 1.2m total dps and u couldnt down adds or notice they were healing the boss. I agree that the heal should have told the dps to focus on adds but theyre not obliged to do so. There should definitely be a list where you could add toxic players but when were unable to edit our posts it seems kinda stupid to need to go through all pages to take a general look at the names.
  7. Farm nightmare flowers to avoid frustration with bugged quests
  8. If i remember right u need to use 100ap with the wep equipped and then actibate the first trait. After that u should be able to add first 2 relics and after 25th trait is unlocked so is the 3rd relic
  9. Guilds and world_en are the best ways to group up. After that its just up to ur performance with ur class and as a person. When you don't fulfill expectations or keep whining ppl will rather play with someone else. I deeply suggest everyone here to find a guild or compile friends together for dungeons and other content. Randoms are usually horrible and very few dps are aware of boss/trash/affix tactics so with higher keys reliable company is necessity.
  10. I think we all can agree that players need to report bugs more often. Advertise bug advertising on server mb? slight rewards? I also tried a few classes/specs and instantly found bugs with them that weren't reported yet. 2nd thing is that the druid healed 152m in 21mins that's 120.6k hps if u're in combat for every second of the game. You can do ur own speculations from that but again no proof, nothing to report. Wasn't there. OP is useless but the direction of the conversation is heading towards the right way->lack of reports
  11. My guildie is retri 880ish and he is sick af. Maybe ure doing something wrong in ur rotation/spell priority/lining up procs etcetc Research is the key
  12. There are english guilds u can use to find groups so u can dodge uneducated jajas. What Ive also noticed is that when u log on one acc it kind of reserves a spot for u on case of dc. Thats why the queues have been so ridicilous. The reserved time for players to come back seems to have been too long.
  13. That's a very confusing look for a caster Here is my current xmog, kinda basic for dk
  14. Hey, has any1 seen or gotten the unholy dk artifact skin? It is gained from quest so I would really like to know if it is worth grinding apocalypse/army of the dead ghouls for the quest item. I would also care for the knowledge of other hidden artifacts for other classes and their specialisations. Thx for all new info you can input.