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  1. another bump until it gets noticed and not ignored.
  2. bump
  3. Title: Rated BG History Type: Website Description: Hey, is it possible to fix the Rated BG history on Website? It doesn't work for months.. Its also easier for you and us to check if somebody wintraded since it can't be checked.
  4. Title: Legendary Mog NPC old Feature Type: In-game Description: Hey Firestorm used to have the option to transmog (for example) Thunderfury to 2Hand Weapons or on daggers and other variations. I'd really like to have that feature back and not only me. We'd really love to see it back so we can actually make some unique transmog sets.
  5. Its not.
  6. Name: Pîkachu Realm Sethraliss Title: Plague Doctor.
  7. tranmsmog

    Thats because you can only use it on the char you bought it on. You also have to use the Legendary Transmog NPC to mog it, he stands in Ogrimmar/Stormwind next to the normal transmog npc.
  8. Thats simple. You press on your Friendlist and click on the small button next to "Ignore" -> You enter you friends email adress and send an invitation. -> Your friend check his email and accept the Invitation. -> After this you both should relog and press "ESC -> "Firestorm". Now you should be able to see each other and use for example the teleport function. If i remember correctly both of you have to reach 110 with a new character to be able to receive one of the rewards.
  9. Hey, i just got muted for saying 666 like 2-3 times withing 5-10 minutes. The reason for the mute is "spam/flood". I mean this isn't spam and as you can see on the gif ppl spaming "OwO" and not getting any mute, i just see them talking in worldchat.
  10. Whats the point in this? Why would someone spent money to make pve? Thats why they buy gear to skip that part and just do pvp.
  11. Damn, didn't see that, my bad.
  12. Ofc they do updates. Just read for that. 8.2 "ETA June". If you play on horde, feel free to whisper "Shoesoff"
  13. Good luck, we will que against u guys.