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  1. Another guide for this, tested that it works.
  2. Recently I've encountered alot of players that use green items in Battlegrounds, not even contender which is highly outdated now, no crafted dreadful although alot of people use crafted malevolent now. Why dreadful gear? Its season 12, we are currently in season 14. It should not affect crafted malevolent's price. It will eliminate most of contender items. Make PvP more healthly. It will give people reason to play PvP. It should have somewhat reasonable gold price, maybe pvp price times 5? Like chest piece will be 2250*5=11250 gold. I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be done other than keeping the server vanilla like. Stats compare: ilvl 450 - http://www.wowhead.com/item=82943 (contender plebs wear this) ilvl 458 - http://www.wowhead.com/item=84506 (this is what people will buy) ilvl 476 - http://www.wowhead.com/item=98928 (this is what people can buy crafted) ilvl 496 - http://www.wowhead.com/item=99993 (current honor gear) ilvl 522 - http://www.wowhead.com/item=102816 (current conquest gear) Please give your thoughts on this idea to keep the server unique experience for players, higher staff response to this would be also nice.
  3. To be honest, vote point prices seem HIGHLY reasonable for their availability. On the other hand its difficult to get that high amount of donation points to afford any of those highly priced shop items. Just like Blizzy said, no QQ thread just feedback.
  4. Are you going to pay 450 points for it? After seeing new prices, wouldn't be suprised + 40k golds ingame for transmog
  5. As long your WoW is 100% downloaded and you renamed files to wow-update-frFR-#### it should work same.
  6. 1. Requirements - Fully downloaded 5.4.8 wow client (use the firestorm launcher downloader) - WoD models (download) - Patched .exe (download) 2. Installation - Delete Cache folder in your WoW folder. - After your launcher downloaded 100% of the WoW click the settings cogwheel and choose Analyze and repair, this ensures your WoW is 100% complete. - After you've downloaded the WoD models extract the Data folder, we don't need the .exes. - Rename the 3 .MPQs to your WoW's language. - You can tell what your WoW language is by navigating to your wow folder/Data/ and under Cache you should see enUS or enGB or something else. - Now that we know our's WoW language we are going to rename the WoD models Data files. wow-update-enGB-18274.mpq to wow-update-enUS-17900.mpq wow-update-enGB-18274.mpq to wow-update-enUS-17901.mpq wow-update-enGB-18276.mpq to wow-update-enUS-17902.mpq - The numbers NEED to be same as mine, but your language will differ based on your WoW's language, this means I renamed enGB to enUS, because my WoW has American English. And numbers need to be that, because of the .exe loading them. - Put these renamed .MPQs into Data/wows language/ - Download the .exe from 1. and put it where original wow.exe is (This is what you will be launching the game with for the new models, use old wow.exe for pre-wod models) 3. Screenshots - Imgur galery 4. Credits jh16 - patched .exe dreadblade - wod models for 5.4.8 Rangorn & Xeriae - porting models If anything is not clear enough please respond to this topic, I will try to help you even though I have zero experience how any of this works :D!