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  1. It is always good idea to check inet, but you will have enough time to level and learn the basics of your class and spec choice. When you hit 110 that's when you will have to learn about the new stuff. Even with x3 exp rate you will have like 2 or 3 weeks (depends of how you run through areas and how many hours you will spend playing) and the content there are more or less the same as you remember. May i recommend something - get some leveling addon like Zygor or Dugi (try them both and pay attention to get corect version for 8.2, but imo Zygor will help you rush through low level zones faster) and just fly your way up to Draenir. There you will start to notice a bit slow leveling rate. Just don't spend time with garizone, run any available quest, especially the bonus one. Same with Legion. The real gameplay starts in BfA. Good luck. *edit - pls, don't pay attention to my English, it's still "under construction" 😂 And if you play on Horde side, wisper that ugly ork BM hunter Azhagor , if you need help with anything.
  2. First Aid isn't thing anymore, they removed it years ago. Level your Lock and don't botter with professions, hit 110 lvl and learn BfA professions. Then run all available quest chains everywhere, unlock world quests and work your way to unlock flying in BfA. You will have plenty of time to max your profession then.
  3. I can't test this till the end of the week, but if the gathering rate is "unnerfed", then good for FS. Still, can someone else confirm that?
  4. You don't have to get friendly status whit one zone to unlock next one. You have to finish all main quest lines in your current zone to get to the next one.
  5. Carbonite Maps Carbonite Quests Those are fully working currently on Sethraliss 8.2. You can find other Carbonite modules like Carbonite Info, Carbonite Social, Carbonite Warehouse and Carbonite Weekly too, but they don`t have exact 8.2 release. You can try 8.1.5 for them and they will probably work. But most likely you don`t need them, they are better options that those. Generally Carbonite Maps and Quests are all you need from Carbonite pack.
  6. It's not just indtances, there are several leveling zones where every single mob just 2 shots my pet (BM here). And I talk about some casual mobs, which you supposed to pull them all and kill them with one or two Mend Pet. Unfortunately, I do not remember in which areas I noticed this because it happened some time ago. But it's certainly not just about instances, and it certainly was before you unlocked Draenor. * edit - yeah, that wasn't that helpfull as i want it to be, sorry.
  7. Sounds good, but why Alliance? 😁
  8. Yeah, that Pathfinder will take some hard grind to unlock.
  9. Това се питам и аз.