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  1. VIP and Shop items have no link with debugs. Have a great day.
  2. This server is a complete side project not leaded by our teams. I mean, we make their website but it's a fun server for Russian community. That's all ! Nothing to worry about guys Have a great day.
  3. blablablablablablabla test upgrade
  4. hitbox

    Hi guys, I'm the one which implement streaming on Firestorm. I really think we don't add Hitbox to our platform. I'll try to say you why with details : It's not as no such works as you think. The actual system will needs a complete rework because we used the Twitch API to get streams. And if we add HB too, it needs a link to their API too. Plus, there are a lot more twitch users than HB and our teams will only works with twitch streams. So... there will not be an HB implementation on Firestorm. Sorry ! Have a nice play.
  5. You can download the full game and select the folder with Firestorm launcher after it's done and it would works