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  1. Hey, I should have been a bit more clear with my advice. What I wanted to say is that it is allowed to use and normal ingame wow addon. Like you have pointed out you may not use automatic clickers, multiboxing programs, key broadcasting or keyboard addons/macros.
  2. hello, multiboxing is allowed as long as you use no third party software for it. you are allowed to use addons. but you have to multibox manually.
  3. hey I can also not even start the game. is there something going on in the world, it seems like a global internet problem. can anyone comment if they have the same issues, or had
  4. Title: Legion and Draenor Proffession items Type: Shop Description:  Dear sir /Madam, Please read the whole message before deleting it, it is realy an suggestion to put some items in the shop. on BFA realm Sethraliss, legion and draenor herbalism and skinning are bugged. (there are already a lot of bugreports/bug trackers about this). short discription about the bug; You should get an item(see examples below) that teaches you dreanor/legion herbalism/skinning with the first herb you pick/animal you skin. This does not work. I have had a ingame talk about this with Senior game master "Zhophis". He explained (if i understood correctly) there are not a lot of developers who can fix this, or make a new npc who sells the items. Would it be possible to add the items to the shop for loyalty points? This does not solve the bug but might be a quick or easy workaround. It would help a lot of people playing on Sethraliss. Thank you for reading this.