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Greetings, players!

The time for the Closed Beta to arrive is very close! Very soon, players will be able to join the realm and start testing the Dragonflight content with us! Concretely, the Closed Beta realm of Dragonflight will be implemented on Firestorm on October 16th, 2023!

 But what is the Closed Beta, exactly? The Closed Beta is a stage of the development of an expansion where we set up a private realm and invite players to join it so they can play on the realm and test all the content we've developed so far! 
They will be able to access all the developed content so far using an exact copy of their characters from Oribos!
Of course, the progress performed during the Closed Beta will not be saved on the account, and the characters will be erased afterwards, so if you want to progress on your characters, then you will have to wait more for the Live realm to be released for DF, or continue playing on our Shadowlands realm for now!


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How to get invited to the Closed Beta? There are going to be a few ways to access the realm.

First, the most active players of the realm will get automatic invitations in their mail inbox with further instructions about how to access the realm. Thanks to this player's activity and loyalty, they will be granted access to the realm! Not only that, but they will also get an additional code that they will be able to share with another player!
But what if you haven't been especially active during the last few weeks but still want to access the realm? No worries! We are going to organize a few different ways to obtain access while the Closed Beta is available.

In order to unlock access to the closed beta, a new field will be available on this page. In that field, you will have to enter the Closed Beta code that players will be able to obtain through different sources. Once obtained, inputted and submitted, if everything goes well, the access will be granted, and all you'll have to do is follow our download guide to obtain our Dragonflight game client and enter the realm!

The codes will be shared across social media such as Discord, Facebook, etc., through game events, pools and giveaways, and they will also be shared by some of our Content Media creators! And speaking of what, we are looking for Content Media Creators!


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Are you a Content Media Creator and would like to help us promote the new upcoming expansion? We have a deal for you!
We are interested in Influencers with a decent range of following based on World of Warcraft content and, possibly, Firestorm! If you consider you are the person up for the job, please contact us through Discord and send us your information! Social Media platforms, current following range, content, what content you specialize in, and more! 

If you get accepted, we will provide you with Closed Beta access + Closed Beta keys so you can prepare giveaways for your viewers! More information will be disclosed upon contacting us.

We will be waiting for you!


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Whether you have been invited to the Closed Beta, or you just want to have the DF client ready for when the realm comes, we have prepared a Download Guide for it! 
The client will remain the same version (10.1.7 - 51261) when the live realm arrives, so you won't have to download it again or update it afterwards!
Do not forget that during the Closed Beta, the progress performed on the Closed Beta Realm will not be saved. 

If you are still interested in getting the client now, please follow this GUIDE!


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Here, you will be able to see the available content for each aspect of the expansion. Since we published our Dragonflight Devblog, more and more content has been developed. Use this list to know what content can be tested or not!


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Vault of the Incarnates   100% implemented


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Algeth'ar Academy     100% implemented
Brackenhide Hollow 100% implemented
Halls of Infusion 100% implemented
Neltharus 100% implemented
Ruby Life Pools 100% implemented
The Azure Vault 100% implemented
The Nokhud Offensive 100% implemented
Uldaman     100% implemented


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Algeth'ar Academy 100% implemented
Ruby Life Pools 100% implemented
The Azure Vault 100% implemented
The Nokhud Offensive 100% implemented
Temple of the Jade Serpent 100% implemented
Halls of Valor 100% implemented
Court of Stars 100% implemented
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds    100% implemented


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The Forbidden Reach 100% implemented
The Waking Shores 85% implemented
Ohn'ahran Plains    100% implemented
The Azure Span 95% implemented 
Thaldraszus     70% implemented


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Evoker (except Augmentation spec, available at 10.1.5) 100% implemented                                                        
Spells      90% implemented                                                        
Talents      90% implemented                                                        
Tier Sets    100% implemented                                                        
Balancing (using 10.1.7 balance class tweaks)      95% implemented                                                        


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Renown    100% implemented
Renown activities    WIP- NYI
Glyphs 100% implemented
Talents 100% implemented
Races    100% implemented


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Questline 100% implemented
Hidden Masters 100% implemented
Hidden Treasures 75% implemented
Dragon Shards 100% implemented
Draconic Treatises    100% implemented
Crafting Orders 100% implemented
Crafting Orders Weekly 100% implemented
Trainers 100% implemented
Traders 100% implemented
Profession Items     WIP - NYI
Gathering Nodes     WIP - NYI


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Season 1 100% implemented                                 
Gear and Vendors 100% implemented                                 
Awards from Battlegrounds and Arenas    100% implemented                                 
Solo Shuffle    WIP- NYI
New arena    WIP- NYI


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Rework       100% implemented    
New interface   100% implemented           
Communities   WIP - NYI           


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Community Feast    100% implemented
Fishing Holes 100% implemented
Grand Hunt 80% implemented
Siege on Dragonbane Keep 50% implemented
Obsidian Citadel     WIP - NYI
Aylaag Camp     100% implemented
Cobalt Assembly Area     100% implemented
Trial of Flood     WIP - NYI
Trial of Elements     WIP - NYI


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