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Mists of Pandaria Quality Assurance

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Greetings, Garrosh players! If you are here, it's because the Quality Assurance role holds some kind of interest for you, or simply because you're curious: this is great! However, members of the QA have to work with people who speak different languages: therefore, we mainly use English. We do not ask you to be bilingual in order to join, but you should at least be able to discuss in writing on a basic level. If you reach the end, and understood most of what was in it, it means you're suited to join, at least for the language requirement. We wish you a nice reading, and thank you for your interest in the MOP QA team! 



As you can see on our Live changelog, fixes are applied regularly on the realm. On top of that, we have higher-scopes systems being worked on, that we hope to bring soon, and in the best shape possible to the live realm!




What is the Quality Assurance team?


The Quality Assurance team is playing a key role in the continuous improvement process of a realm: its members are in charge of monitoring the current state of all the systems in place on the live server, and they have to report anything non-working by creating tickets and ordering them based on priority on an internal tool, shared with developers and Game Masters. On top of that, they also have to ensure that any fix or script that is bound to be added to the realm is released in the best state possible so everyone can enjoy playing to the fullest !

We all know that things aren't perfect, and that some things aren't working properly on Garrosh: what we're offering you is a chance to actively take part in the improvement process, by giving you the tools, accesses, and help necessary. Not to mention the satisfaction you will get when a content you helped develop gets released and thousands of players are able to enjoy it !

Take part in this behind-the-scene adventure, become part of a close team to help bring your favorite realm to the highest level ! 





Here is what a quality assurance member job broadly implies:

  • Participate in test session & work with other QA members on various types of content being developed, on a dedicated realm
  • Stay aware of the development state: test fixes on the dedicated realm, but also when patches get applied on Garrosh to spot any induced issue.
  • Ensure an efficient communication flow between the community, game masters & developers: the bugtracker, but also discussions are valuable !
  • Do researches when anything suspicious comes to light (spell interactions, formulas, damage logs of NPCs for instance)





Becoming a great quality assurance member can be learned, but there are still a few requirements to make sure that your help can be maximized:

  • At least decent English writing skills: you will be talking to other QAs, GMs & developers who all speak English.
  • A good game knowledge: PVE, PVP, theory craft. We do not ask you to be flawless, but to know enough to be able to work and improve from there.
  • Teamwork skills: what you can achieve alone is sometimes far less than what you can achieve by working as a team ! You need to be able to work with other people efficiently: accept ideas / feedback, and make yourself available when others need you, just like they will when you need them.
  • Lastly, but most importantly: you need to be passionate & motivated. This is what will give you the will to improve, yourself and the server!


Feeling interested ? Do not hesitate to contact a Quality Assurance Team Manager on discord: Cortex#6547 or Nshane#3076 or on this forum.
Even if you're afraid you do not meet all the requirements, motivation is what we value most! We give everyone their chance to talk to us about their interest & what they could bring to the table.

Thank you for your interest in reading this post, we hope to hear from you soon!
Cortex, Nshane, and the whole MOP QA Team.


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