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[Legion] How spell development works

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On 1/26/2017 at 4:23 AM, Zhalfyr said:

Your idea is quite interesting, I'm gonna think about it and try to find a way to set this up with the classes getting less fixes being okay with it.

Actually that's in this cycle now. But I must consider the time that I'll have to spend to correct a bug. I'm taking this exemple since you mention it, at the moment, the spell is mostly working on the test realm, except sometimes the player goes under map. I estimate that it'll take quite a long time, and therefore I think I should fix 3-4 other spells instead if that takes me the same time. That's also why we don't start a cycle before ending the current one, to avoid those "complicated" bugs to be ignored.

MAybe we could have a gm hosted event where they go into the gurubashi arena with the priests having to levitate people and the judges (gm's) would tally up the deaths /kills and the top 2 person with the most deaths and most kills each get a prize lol

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Excuse me Zalfyr if I seem on rage mode, but those changelogs make my hair stand most of the times.

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