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  1. Thanks for the help @Excarnusfs ! I would rather keep playing on dragonflight realm then to play on shadowlands realm on my available time for the sake of getting familiar with DF and the beta feedback, so I have another question: Will my characters created on the DF realm be erased or will you guys merge our characters from both the servers to here when DF goes live?
  2. Hello! First of all I would like to say I just got my key and I'm so hyped to be able to test the new Dragonflight server with everyone! I noticed that I got my character list from Oribos transferred here, but with a twist: It's in a very old state, it's from a time which I didn't even create my main characters and 2 of them are missing here. Is there any chance for me to refresh the list and maybe I can play with my main characters here?