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  1. I have re-posted the information here because it appears that the original announcement has been removed. Original article:
  2. Loyalty point is a currency which can be used to purchase different services and items from the shop. They will appear as silver coins on the website. The golden coins are donation points and are rewarded when you donate to the server. You can see how many points you own by visiting your account. You'll receive loyalty points based on your activity in the game. All you need to do is talk to a non-player character. The non-player character is located in the main capitals of the game, and her name is Jeanne. Here is a screenshot of what the non-player character looks like (mirror): All you need to do is talk to her to receive your points. You will receive a daily minimum of 5 points (they're given to you without you having to do any particular actions or meet certain criteria). You can earn 20 points per day at the most, this limitation is linked to the account and not the character speaking to the non-player character. Point bonuses for your account: +2 points: If you haven't been banned in the past 6 months. +1 point: If you have purchase points from the shop. +1 point: If you have validated your account e-mail address. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 2 weeks. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 2 months. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 6 months. +1 point: If you have been a part of Firestorm for 1 year. In-game Activity bonuses (2 points): +2 points: Participate in a battlefield. +2 points: Finish a dungeon with the Looking For Group tool. +2 points: Finish a raid with the Looking for Raid tool. +2 points: Complete 5 arena matches. In-game Activity bonuses (1 point): +1 point: Do 5 duels. +1 point: Kill a rare creature. +1 point: Complete three achievements. Professions related: +1 point: Obtain profession resources (5). +1 point: Crafting a certain amount of items (5). +1 point: Making an epic item. The bonus activities cannot exceed a total of 7 points, there are activities that you will receive 2 points and 1 point for. You will not get twice the points for the same action. For example, making two epic items will not give you two points but only one. Source: July 26, 2016; Announcements; Inveric (Original article has been removed: link).
  3. I am not sure what you mean. From your comment I can imagine at least two different meanings: 1. A player has to cast a spell on an enemy target and move. The problem, which I addressed earlier, has not vanished since a player is still required to cast a spell on an enemy target. 2. A player has to cast a spell on an enemy target or move. If movement is sufficient enough to avoid being flagged as AFK then it won't change anything. There are currently many players who avoid being flagged as AFK by making their character move continuously or once in a while.
  4. While defending an objective, you might not encounter any enemies for a long time. While playing a healer, you might not throw a spell on an enemy within two minutes, especially if you haven't encountered any enemies for some time before the fight began. While waiting for the rest of your team at the boss in Alterac Valley, or while you try to sneak past enemies. While moving back and forward amongst objectives. While your team is dominating, but you stay with the orb carriers, so you can support them in case they are attacked by a stealth class or another enemy player, who has managed to sneak past your team, yet you don't encounter any enemies for a long time. While using a vehicle to break gates. When you have stormed the hangar, captured it, flown to the enemy base, dropped bombs at the gate, without encountering any enemy players. I could think of more examples, but the point is that a player can very well be active without casting a spell on an enemy target during a specific time period. It isn't a proper way to determine whether someone is AFK. You might not even cast a spell on a friendly target within several minutes.
  5. Are you sure that the card has been activated? Does all the information match with the information on the card (e.g. name, zip code)? Do you have the option to use PayPal?
  6. @Dallaryen If you open the search tool, then you can select a time range. You can sort the results and choose search by tag. If you use quotation marks around your search term, then it will not ignore any of the words but will find all topics which contain the specific search phrase. I mostly found relevant topics and I also found your topic, which is tagged with "cas system", and it was, in fact, the very first result when I searched by tag. The search tool is by far from perfect and it seems like that even if you choose "Contain all of my search term words" then it will still just find topics, which contain any of the search terms. It would also be nice if it didn't "ignore" short words since people may very well search for 132, 134, CAS, MoP etc. Anyway, a specific archive for helpful posts would be a nice addition. What I'm most interested in is that the section will be arranged in a more practical way.
  7. Yes, but I imagine people use the search tool when they want to find relevant content. The number of posts moved to the archive in the last couple of days is, on its own, enough to fill several pages. It would take ages to find a relevant post in the archive by navigating through the pages unless you're looking for something that has been discussed very recently. However, I think you're absolutely correct about having two archives, where one, which is a part of the Support section, contains topics with important, helpful or very informative posts. One of these archives should probably have a different name in order to avoid confusion (e.g. Archived Answers).
  8. +1 A lot of members post bugs and issues in the General Discussion section and the Tutorials and Guides section on a daily basis. It costs moderators time and reduces the members' chance of receiving proper help quickly. Move the Technical Support section up will increase the chance of a person will notice it. Also, I suggest that a link to the Bugtracker is added to the Support section (e.g. Report a Bug). Currently, if you want to report a bug, you have to know that you shall press the "Tracker" option in the navigation bar in order to find the Bugtracker website (or "More" then Bugtracker, or Technical Support then Bugtracker), where the report can be filed. It's understandable if people mistakenly report bugs in the General Discussion, Class, or PvP section. In my opinion, the Forum Archive section doesn't belong in the Support section. The support section could be made slimmer, and forum archive could be placed in its own section and moved more down to the bottom. And while we are at. It would be nice if a "Submit a Question" button was added to the Technical Support page. Right now, you have to either follow a link on the main page, which is easy to overlook, or you have to click on the Support dropdown in the navigation bar and then select "Submit a Question". I have replied to several people who posted in the General Discussion section because they could not find the "Submit a Question" link.
  9. While it's nice to have, I'll agree with @endeavoru that you can also easily search for the information online. Wowhead might show the information for a different patch, but you can look through the comments, go to Wowpedia or Wowwiki and read the changelogs, read or watch old tutorials, install addons that can display drop information on an item, etc. I have personally never had a problem with finding drop information for an item. With all the things that still need to be worked on, I don't think they should spend their time and resources on such a feature right now or in the near future.
  10. There are several things that are broken. If one of them is not fixed right now does not mean that developers have forgotten about it or cannot fix it. The quest you mentioned might currently not be one of the top priorities. People are interested in different particular things and most of them would probably also like a quick workaround, but it's probably best if the developers use their time and energy on actually fixing what is currently most important. Of course, if what you mentioned was absolutely game breaking, then it's a different situation. I think it is best to make sure the bug has been reported on the Bugtracker with all the necessary and helpful information, then wait patiently.
  11. This is an overview of the different crowd control (CC) spells that are available to paladins in Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8. If you notice any errors or missing spells, then feel free to comment. Stun (Level 30 talent) (Replaces Hammer of Justice) (Major Glyph) (Changes Blinding Light to a stun) (Protection Paladin) (Cannot be used against players) War Stomp (Tauren) Fear (Cannot be used against players) (Level 30 talent) (Allows Turn Evil to be used against players) Disorient (Level 30 talent) Silence (Protection Paladin) Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf) Interrupt Snare (Retribution Paladin) (Level 90 talent) (Major Glyph) (Adds snare effect to Judgement) (Major Glyph) (Protection Paladin) (Adds daze effect to Avenger's Shield) ...
  12. Paymentwall offers different payment methods depending on your country. I suggest that you analyze the different options by following this link: and then select your country. If there are other options then post those you wish to use here along with the name of your country. I'm not sure why PayPal isn't already an available option for you, though. Which country are you from?
  13. Report it on the Bugtracker website instead of here:
  14. Do you launch the game through Firestorm's own launcher?