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  1. you should talk to Artifact Lord NPC at dalaran
  2. achievement

    bugged, everyone in the server have that achievement, just like the black harvest achievement. everyone single character on this server have it
  3. i don't remember what year, but firestorm was giving free promotional code like "xmas2016" or something like that in the past, if you redeemed it you'll get free Firestorm Points. only work once per IP if i remember correctly
  4. if firestorm enable cross-faction BG on sylvanas and greymane, that would be easy to get queue on AV and IoC, there will be no long queue time
  5. seems like you're using google translate?
  6. maybe try to where do you get that quest i mean you take Light's Return quest from turalyon but turalyon near xenadar and try to go there, not inside vindicaar
  7. 7.3.5 (26365)
  8. you could download the client from anywhere else if FS torrent are slow
  9. i take weekly quest The Worlds Awaits that require you to complete 20 world quests. i know this quest is working fine but something bother me, when i already complete that quest then i travel to Argus, that quest bugged, it says - 20/20 World Quest Completed and it's stuck. i can't return it, i already tried to delete cache. the only way to fix it i had to retake the quest and doing all that 20 WQ again, that's frustrating. any solution?
  10. i think that's not the problem. i don't have latency issues with that cross-realm thing on BG and arena
  11. if you want to play on several expansion you need all that expansion on your hard drive. if you just wanna play legion and already have legion client you can use minimal client to play on legion realm
  12. any solution for this? i have this issue a couple of weeks ago, i can't open it. after several weeks i didn't open that ticket response, now it's gone. i don't even have a chance to read that ticket response
  13. still a lot of bugs on legion and what did u expect from bfa?
  14. for me, it just taste, some people like it and some people don't. just like people who always said TBC is the best, wotlk is the best, vanilla is the best etc, people have different personal taste you can't forced it
  15. that's his/her opinion, don't generalize just from 1 people opinion