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  1. Hola! Added 2 really good addons for Legion servers, mainly WeakAuras and Details!. Highly recommend all of them, especially if you are raiding/ trying to. Been using all of them, for quite some time now (around MoP-ish) myself, can't praise them highly enough, cheers.
  2. Howdy my bois Recently I've joined the server and am actually looking for a guild. English ofc, since I do not speak spanish. Like, at all. For my exp: in Legion on offical servers I've been active and highly progressed mythic raider (cleared almost every raid (ToV 2/3 and Antorus 6/10) on mythic whilst it was on current contet. Was mainly tanking, but have some high world ranks as dps aswell. Whisper me in-game Ivarboi if ya want to talk!