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  1. I am pretty sure people play here because it's free and non of that IP Mambo Jambo. Perhaps you do it but anyway. But if you play while working, I am sure you are being paid accordingly to the number of responsibilities you have that allows you to play during working hours. This entire server, at its core, is a business, and just like all other businesses it needs funds to function. (Developers pay, electricity, hardware equipment, licenses, taxes on security certificates, taxes on the online shop, maintaining the servers, etc.) All these things cost money. It is childish to jump to conclusions and say that "kids use mommy's card and all that", which in some cases it might be true, but all the people I know that donated (on Freakz or here) including myself, have respectable jobs and family responsibilities and earn their own money. What everyone does with their money it's their problem and you would do the same if the amount of money given would not create financial problems for your lifestyle. Again, everyone does whatever they wish with their money. Others pay $1.5k for a new phone that will be outdated next year, others pay 1k for a shirt, and others buy a boost on a private server. Others enjoy playing the normal way (because they have time) others opt for a boost in order to enjoy the game (because they don't have time). Most players that are now willing to pay are past kids (at least 15 years ago) that are now adults and know how long it takes to reach a certain level and they just want to enjoy the wow experience in their 1-2 hours of free time without graining, farming and wait for idiots in raids to start and to witness the 12+ wipes on 1 boss. The issue with their business style is that they treat a paying user the same way as a non-paying user. Think it logically, I would have paid for the second char boost and even a third but given the fact that there are at least 2 more patch updates, I am not willing to pay again for all my boosted chars. It makes no sense. If you want to keep these people that are willing to pay and help fund your business, you need to keep them engaged. And from a business point of view, you lost a paying customer and in return, you are stuck with a bunch of non-payable players that complain constantly.
  2. Let's say you boosted 1 Char when Shadowlands was launched 9.0.5 (That is 200 Euros). Then the next patch 9.1.5 came out (another 200 Euros) to re-boost your already boosted char. Then 9.2.0 (another 200 euros to boost it again). Let's do the math: 9.0.5 Patch ( 200 Euro ) + 9.1.5 ( 200 Euro ) + 9.2.0 ( 200 Euro ) = 600 Euro for 1 char. (I am not adding other payments to get legendaries and whatever else) Would you be so stupid as to boost another char at this point? It's not worth it. Meanwhile, on retail, it goes like this: 50 Euros to buy the latest patch + 155 Euros 12 months subscription = 205 Euro to play on the original where EVERYTHING works. Instead of offering a free upgrade or at least not a full price ffs, they through a cheap tactic to buy a boost now to use half now and half later not taking into consideration those that helped them financially up until now. It's like biting the hand that feeds you. I do hope this will not get deleted. I will record the screen and put this on youtube just in case that happens and I will find a way to spread it.