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    In-game Name: Tøxicøs Realm: Sethraliss Discord: Euphoria#6566 Link:
  2. Title: Increase Character Cap Type: In-game Description:  Hello, I've been playing on Firestorm since 2017 and thanks to all the Boris and 10xp events, my friends and I have managed to create many characters and reach the character limit per account which is 18. I asked around a few more players, and quite a few share the same experience and are unable to create more characters. I've noticed that on Blizzard servers, this cap has been increased to 50 per account in the 8.1 update, about 2 years ago. It would be nice if this cap was also increased on Firestorm realms, because it would encourage people to create more characters and try out more classes/specs. I trust this to be a simple feature, which no one will have a problem against and it would be a pretty positive quality of life change for the game. Thanks!