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  1. As a work around, using mounts, after level 20 a small group of us were able to jump from the broken wall beside the ship for one of the Captains and from the post in the water by the second ship for the second Captain. If you jump mounted from these two locations, repeatedly, you can get onto the ship decks and then complete the quests. This works best if you have a druid in travel form whom another player in the party mounts and then when the druid jumps towards the deck, you eject from the mount. However, we also completed the same jump using the Traveler's Tundra Mount as passengers and one person in our party was able to make the jump on their own mount, without a passenger.
  2. english

    @Mectus, any luck?
  3. @Mac23, I am also looking for an English speaking guild on Garrosh. Since no one else replied to your post, I was wondering if you ever found one?