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  1. Title: Beter in-game expirience Type: In-game Description:  Hello there my name is chris.I come from the official game and I have played on many private servers.I had a suggestion to make the player experience better and probably will bring more people to the game! Before I begin, I want to declare that I know you guys do a hard job (I study computer sience) and I appreciate that. So,my thoughts are that the early game is kinda bad since there are many quests that are bugged and the dungeons are even worse! I saw in global chat everyone asking for the best place to level up or the best way to level up and everyone flames the game for bugs and the truth is that they are bad. I have also played the game trying to find ways to level up more easily. Everyone on the game plays dk or dh so they can avoid the leveling and i believe this is bad for the community! So I started playing with some friends and the game expirience on leveling was bad. We tried to find ways to level up but in the end we did do 2dh and try to boost the other cuz we didn't have the time (because we all work or have to study for the university) and we all had the impresion that the server is like that because you guys sell boosts to lvl 120 and i dont think that this is the reason. So I started a rogue because i've never played one before on bfa but i was so scared of the leveling and at 44 lvl still disappointed of the leveling experience! So I thought are what if the server was x10 or even more on pre bfa expansion this would be amazing because u can skip all the problems and you guys can focus more on the late game to deal with bugs and stuff. Also the players wont have this feeling of fear to make new alts so they can try more stuff! After that i thought that u guys need to get paid for your work and pay the servers and thats why you sell the level boost yeah but not all players have the money to pay that, so most of them wont pay and will be stuck with one class and then give up because they are bored! Also, as far as I am aware, there was a x10 event but when i asked on the server they told me it was only on christmas at one weekend and never again. Thus, many people believe you guys dont care and i dont want to believe that because to make a private server you gotta love the game otherwise i dont see the point! Also, since you have to compete with other private servers or even blizzard I think that if you dont want to make the server x10 all the time make, you could at least have it on weekends or even once or twice a month and the players will love it for sure (and you will still be able to make money from boosts because lets be realistic, the guy that wants to pay for that will pay for that!) Finally, I saw that you guys are also selling corruption boxes, that i believe is the main source of your income, so if more players are able to try more classes they will spend more money on that but if they have to pay the boost and the random corruption they will think like me (as a pearson that stopped from official because of money) "nah man I dont have enough for that but if I could level up fast i would consider buying a box or even a mount!" . So these are my thoughts.Thank you for your time and remember that the happier the players are, the more players you get!