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  1. I can't login game (Sethraliss realm). Is server offline? Thanks all
  2. Hi all, I accidentally bought [Item Level Upgrade: +5]. Please, is it possible to return it and get a refund of 300 loyalty points? I beg you! Thanks!
  3. Character name: Aeldis Class: Demon hunter Help me please, when I'm in my class hall (The Fel Hammer) I can't see neither Exploration Map nor other vendors. Why? I have clear the cache and I have unstuck the pg, but I didn't solve it... Please: help me!! Thanks
  4. "No realms are currently avaible". It's normal?
  5. Hi all; I'm a druid feral and a player told me that mastery stat, turns out to be bugged and therefore my stat priority should be changed. I would like a confirmation; my stat priority is currently agi>cri>mas>ver>has; maybe it should be agi>cri>ver>has>mas? I would also to know if there is the same problem with restoration build. Thanks a lot.