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  1. Greetings to the members of the Firestom Staff and community. As Guild Master of Valanyr, proceed with the following post: We have successfully completed the Tomb of Sargeras band in Heroic mode, but we have found that the Desolate Host, even if you defeat him, activate Elune's Tear, and open the Maiden door, he still does not count as defeated in the information of the ID, nor in the ranking of the web page. Since yesterday we present this same problem exposed in the forum, and we are not getting an answer, we would like that some member of the Staff would contact us to solve the problem. Although the problem with the id was presented, we consulted with GM Stíles, who told us that we could continue with normality, of course documenting everything to be able to provide future evidence. We also have a video of the match against Desolate Host in case the Staff so requires. We have invested a lot of time and effort in completing the band today, and we would be happy to stating constancy that we successful Tos HC, and display this in ranking PVE web site. As we are possibly the first to complete the entire band, we have a large list of things that do not work correctly, which make it difficult for the bosses to be defeated, which we will proceed to share in the Bugtracker for later fixes. Beginning to: Also attached, that yesterday unfortunately while the encounter against the Vigilante Maiden happened, the server down and as a result Desolate Host reverted, with which we had to defeat him a second time and continue with the other meetings. Thanks in advance. Here below are the photos of the meetings: