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  1. My last pvp montage :
  2. Here's my last video, tell me what you think about it enjoy/relax
  3. Here is my last arena montage, 2k+ mmr v2, enjoy !
  4. here is my last montage, testing the feral spec in 2v2 random arena, enjoy
  5. Yo, im posting this video here, with the location of ALL the hidden chests in argus. Hope it will help you !
  6. Hello guys. Im posting here my last montage, tell me what you think about it !
  7. Noticed, ill make an inside instances pvp (arena + bg) video soon with the same character.
  8. Yo, what do you think about my outlaw rogue montage ?
  9. Savage pvp montage of outlaw rogue :
  10. Thanks !
  11. Hello ! Im doing my first guide, for those who are interessted, i show how to get all the hidden chests in Argus. (Argunite, weapon artifact, etc)
  12. Hello ! here is my last video : Ganking in goldshire / stormwind. Enjoy ! (what do you think about it ?)