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  1. Make them using the character you bought them on and mail them to your alt. I have the same problem.
  2. My wife and I were playing yesterday and when the game crashed at about 11pm EST we stopped and went to bed. Today when we started playing we noticed that almost all of the item appearances she had collected that weren't currently equipped were gone. How does she get this recovered?
  3. Completed a grueling Nelfarion's Lair tonight and I received no reward for the random queue. I tried to contact a GM to no avail, and the in-game ticket system does not give any indication that a ticket was actually submitted. This seems to happen frequently when the last boss dies while I'm in Spirit of Redemption.
  4. I want this to be at least a mostly working server. I came from retail. This server has a better community, and I enjoy the freedom of not having a set subscription. Retail feels too much like a job; like you have to keep playing because you pay consistently for it. This is better because I can donate if I want, or buy things from the store to provide them with financial support. However, I'm a little hesitant to donate or purchase store items when so little content actually works.
  5. Not crying, just pointing out obvious flaws.
  6. I love Firestorm, and the service it provides... but what is up with the server guys? Sylvanas has more bugs and downtime than a back alley whore. Every day there's crashes, and that's even after a good restart. About 70% of the quests don't work, many dungeons don't work, almost NOTHING in Highmountain works including quests, boxes, and interactive NPCs that are necessary for an entire quest chain. Almost nothing on the entire server that requires a script to run works. Most of the time mobs that are supposed to be patrolling don't even look at you, like they're all participating in a big ol' circle j**k. I love seeing the game in action, and free of charge but damn.
  7. Regarding the character marketplace, is there a way to hold a private sale of a single character? In other words, I find someone in game that wants to purchase my character, and I'm willing to sell said character. Is there a way to make that sale directly to that person without the character being up for grabs by everyone in the character market?
  8. Thanks to a helpful tip from another player this is resolved. For anyone who is experiencing this as well: this bug happens when you are vengeance before you obtain your havoc skills. Change to Havoc and use your hearthstone, this will unlock your havoc skills (if you've completed the DH quest chain) and then change back to vengeance and you should have all your vengeance skills.
  9. My character Teika, level 101 blood elf demon hunter, does not have access to demon spikes and fiery brand due to the abridged version of the demon hunter quest.Please unlock these skills as they are staple for the vengeance talent specialization. I read other posts in the forum about this, but those folks were told to open a ticket for a GM to update their skills. Unfortunately I'm also unable to submit an in-game ticket. When I try, I get the error "Error updating GM ticket." Attached is a screenshot of said error.
  10. This has become so frustrating that it's almost unplayable. I'm kind of new to the whole private server thing, and I finally get everything up and working... until I try to play almost any character. Every character I have tried to roll so far has run into a brick wall when it comes to quest progression. I tried to play a goblin, couldn't progress because the car wouldn't pick people up as it was supposed to (when I try to honk at the friends, it says invalid target). I tried to roll a panda monk, and when I get to the quest where the master wants you to cross the bridge and defeat the guy (right after stealing the flame and burning the scroll, near the beginning), I beat the guy, but it doesn't conclude the quest and he comes out of stun and keeps fighting me. I tried to roll a DK, and when I get to the quest where you are supposed to disguise yourself as the scarlet courier, the disguise doesn't work and all the scarlets still attack me. I started thinking maybe it was related to the special classes / races, so I rolled a gnome hunter, but as soon as I complete "to the surface" at the beginning, there are no other quests to be taken (and yes I tried to talk to quest givers even if they didn't have a marker). I even tried to go to other quest areas on this gnome, and nothing. When I tried to go to far, I died and though I died in Dun Morough, I'm teleported to the graveyard in Westfall. I honestly don't know how there are any level 110s on the server if you literally can't progress a character normally. So what gives? Is this a work in progress that is going to be fixed at some point?