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  1. Title: Balance/temporary balance for rogue Type: In-game Description:  Hi Dear firestorm, I play your private servers for a while now as a main rogue player and I notices the patch is 9.1.5 by this patch the legendary called Resounding Clarity should be available for rogues but since the renown is locked to 40 its unavailable, due to that fact rogue has no legendary to play with because in this patch mark of the assassination gets nerfed for rogue to be 40% duration reduced in PvP which means casting 2 abillities with global cooldown which these 2 abillities are the set up buttons which are cheap shot into cc on the other target so this legendary is never getting value on this duration. My suggestion to you guys is 2 ways of approch which is increasing the duration of mark of the assassination to 4 seconds or open a higher renown cealing so the legendary called Resounding Clarity will be achieveable which is unlocked at renown 46. I would very happly love if you guys consider my suggestion as a player in your community I think either of these changes could be possible to make the class have a legendary