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  1. Update for others that may be experiencing this issue : I was contacted by two very competent GMs today and they "added" the quests to my quest log as the NPCs still were nowhere to be found. I completed them again but couldn't turn them in because the NPC (Shandris) was still missing... Then I just saw her running along another player so I proceeded to chase her around the area for a bit and could turn in the quests that way. I would suggest not to abandon the Nazjatar intro quests or even leaving the area while still in this "intro" questline as I believe it was what triggered the issue for me. Thanks again to the two Firestorm GMs for their amazing job.
  2. Hello I abandoned the Nazjatar intro questline and now I can't start it back (the NPCs with the quests does not have the option). The quests abandoned were"FortunateSouls","Disruption of Power", "Dark tides". I had these completed but couldn't turn them in because the quest "In Deep" didn't automatically start as it is supposed to, that's why I abandoned them. Now Jaina and Genn arent offering any quests and Shandris can't be found, so I can't progress through Nazjatar. I submitted an in-game ticket after downloading the GM and Firestorm add ons but it didn't seem to work Thank you in advance
  3. I have the same issue.