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  1. Same here. Will reply when solved. Current suggestion: Wait. P.S: sorry for late ping, just got back to FS after over 2 years
  2. Still not fixed after the latest update
  3. agreed. it should be saying "under review", rather than resolved.
  4. Thatnks for the help
  5. THANKS! Finally a solution to my obliterum-gear problem. However, the quest bug remains unsolved. talked to several people, still no help. Hopefully FS Team sees this and has a look over the scripts
  6. Leatherworking quest "Battle Bonds" doesn't work with "Serr'ah" (Horde) either. Tried several times. However, tried getting help from FS community (ingame), no responses. Don't really know how people managed to get past this quest in order to craft 850 gear...