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  1. Hi as a Photoshop Tutor since PS3 <-- thats the adobe app although closer to the Sony ps1 release. I also Co-created & ran with 1 other a 4 year venture which along with Photoshop techniques was based around forum signature & avatar techniques. Render creation & storage, simple techniques using colours from renders to create themes & backgrounds, from a pixel stretch all the way to embedding live video clips into static images, Competitions, advice, community & lots more it was called FilterGFX & I co found it with an old pirate m8 of mine Slippy. As i have been doing this for 25yrs+ I do have a lot of 'examples' !! hehe, anyhoo in the middle of downloading BFA here, my other love over the last 12 +yrs has been WOW, I played on official European servers up until Wotlk - i still have the box! I remember practicing SSc 40 man raid 1st boss 3 months practicing it! or raidforce was ranked 30th in europe at its highest. The 1st two images attached are entries to a competition i won, the object was to take a natural surface & use it as a layer of transparency on a subject. I live by the beach so had a walk & picked up a few things by the shore but finished up choosing a shell. I have also chosen some forum sigs created with input from the eventual owner on style & content so forth even a logo created for Hampshire Ghost Club!. I hope you like the results.