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  1. Every time i try to sell anything it message me with ''Interface action failed because of an addon'' even if have all addons disabled. I tryed to move cache, interface and WTF folders to destkop and it didn't work at all. deleted cache ...didn't work too
  2. why 90% people are stucked at 20% and then nothing happens ?? ???
  3. ok i will wait ...again
  4. no realms currently avaible ?wtf
  5. but ilvl=more so the finger is invisibility ? only stat´s are down
  6. Title: I lost one my finger Type: In-game Description: when I log back into the game so I disappeared one finger ilvl 875 the name of the finger unfortunately I do not know but had statues haste and mastery:::and here is screenshot´s before server restart
  7. and Mobiano pay by mobile not ?