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  1. yea And SO SO HARD !!
  2. fixed sool ? seem like all the shity dungeons that we did this week = hello bye ?
  3. hello . yea i comfirm that most of mage fix still not working if it not all lul i only tested Aftershoks and it not working.. Aftershocks is now implemented. no it not.
  4. hello biig new thankyou but my question is . the Update 29 will come with this new Content, or Today ? cuz it 15 day up, Update 28 may 18 16 day ago. so ?
  5. waaw Demon Hunter crying that new ..
  6. yea you can just download the launcher from firestorm and w8 for the data /play
  7. same thing in Silvershard Mines the chariot just desiper.
  8. hello guys we decide to lunch the 7.1.5 13/052017 ... haha
  9. so funny. that is the points. they know one thing Put the Dots.