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  1. That is so unbelievably disheartening. All i want to do is continue the storyline as I'm fully invested since doing a full lore playthrough of the game. In what world did they think grinding the same world maps quests for WEEKS on end would be enjoyable to any sane human? It's a long shot but now I can only pray that this server somehow sees the light and somehow minimizes the time needed to continue the game because like-minded people as myself are going to quit altogether.
  2. I have been enjoying the expansion so far and the server has overall been great. However, now I am stuck and not sure how to continue the campaign. have 7 whole chapters left to do and each of them I cannot start because I lack A LOT of rep with the relevant factions. Does the game really expect me to grind world quests for weeks now just to continue the story or this purposely done by Firestorm to slow down the content because it's not ready yet? Is there anything I can do to continue the story without grinding my ass off?
  3. Not saying I dont believe you but can anyone confirm just to get a solid understanding?
  4. I was just wondering how you would go about leveling in the previous expansions zones? I have a level 60 character doing the 9 chapters of the 'art of war' campaign now. If i was to create a new character and I wanted to level in WoD/Mop/Legion etc. How would I go about doing this? I don't see a Chromie anywhere in the capitals.
  5. I hate to be that type of person to post a bug but this is game breaking. I cannot progress in the game anymore because the white speech bubble option does nothing. Is there a work around? I've tried abandoning, relogging, exiting the zone etc.