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  1. Here's the latest screenshot that it has been lost. Kindly help me for this kind of concern. Sincerely yours.
  2. and here's my leggings on boris realm. I have both screenshots in different realm before I changed my faction from alliance to horde it disappear. please help thank you
  3. Title: TMORG Leggings LOST Type: Launcher Description:  Hi Gm's can I ask a refund or the refund of the item that has been lost. I have a screenshot that I completed the transmorg and the greaves that has Lost when I change faction from alliance to Horde I noticed it that the greaves has been lost. I have a screenshots on sethraliss realm that I have it. Pleasee help me to refund it thank you in advance. My CHARACTER name is Ðrowranger. The name of the greaves that has been lost is Prideful Gladiator's Chain Leggings. Please help me to refund