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  1. Hello( please add at least morphs to Broken, Fel Orc, Forest troll, Ice troll, Naga, Taunka, Thin Human, Tuskarr, Vrykul. They can also wear armor and be playable races. You only need a donation / loyalty points system of morphs. So that when you enter a command, you turn into a specific race. This will increase the variety of playable races, in addition, in the capitals of Bfa, the alliance and the horde have merchants of these races. The command can be implemented with reference to a specific character so that it cannot be used on others. The price, for example, is 500-1000 loyalty points. I would like to at least get an answer(
  2. Title: Morphs and hidden skin colors Type: Shop Description:  Greetings, you can add morphs of different races and NPC to shop, maybe someone wants to be a traitor to the orc, tauren, and play for the alliance, and vice versa, in general, you understand me. As far as I know, there are no morphs of goblin, worgen and gnome. I also want to add ID's races that exist in the game in a certain "hidden mode", but at the same time they can put on / take off their armor. As far as I remember from this list, only the Northrend skeleton is a morph that does not have the ability to wear armor. The races were planned to be playable back in BC, WOTLK, but Blizzard changed their minds, and I also can’t say with 100% probability that these ID's, function as they should, need testing. RP community and lovers of this will appreciate. It is unlikely that the "hidden" will get added to the shop. I think it is only possible to issue manually. BROKEN - MALE 17576SKELETON - MALE 17578NORTHREND SKELETON - MALE 26871VRYKUL - MALE 21686FOREST TROLL - MALE 21964TUSKARR - MALE 21780TAUNKA - MALE 26316ICE TROLL - MALE 26873NAGA - MALE 17402; FEMALE 17403FEL ORC - MALE 16980TUSKARR - MALE 21780 Regarding hidden skin colors I have a very global proposal, which in most cases no one will do, because it requires large-scale changes in the client and in the server itself. As you know in the game before the BfA, you met .. for example, thunder hammer dwarves, or dragonmaw clan orcs, fandral druids (fire), red-eyed vampires in the stormheim(human), necromancers in the plaguelands(human), leprognomes, sand trolls farraki, Eredar , Felorcs of Draenor and etc. Now they are called “Allied races”. All this may be available to the player, but it requires a lot of work. If this is done, then they will become available to the basic races, for example: thunder hammer dwarves (with tattoos) for ordinary dwarves. Sylvanas Rangers (dead elves) for blood elves and etc. But for example, the high elf skin color will become available to the elves of the abyss. All this would bring a ton of customization to the game. I said everything, then everything depends on you and your capabilities.