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  1. Had the same problem with this reputation, had a gm intervention and he stated that he couldn't help. This bug is still not fixed.
  2. Greetings Er1KS, this is the Gul'dan realm forum for guilds so i suggest you make a post over in the Sylvanas realm forum. If you are in a rush and need a guild fast, you should write a message in the world_en on legion, mybe someone will find you.
  3. Title: Adding Valor to the Gul'dan realm shop Type: Shop Description:  Since the quests that provide valor ( on the Gul'dan realm were removed, the players on that realm have no more valor income. Valor is the main currency with which you can buy upgrades for your patch 6.2 armor. My suggestion is that you place valor for a price that you find appropriate (with an option that you can buy with loyalty points). It is shameful that the quests are not active anymore, that means either they have been removed, or we haven't been that lucky over the past 2 months.
  4. Try launching it from the firestorm app, it worked for me. If that doesnt work try launching the 64 - bit launcher.
  5. Greetings Able, You have posted in the wrong forum thread. This is the Gul'dan forum.
  6. So this is the current state of WoD dungeons , every dungeon works on Normal/Hc (Mythic not yet scripted) , 3 challenge mode dungeons work ( Bloodmaul Slag Mines, Skyreach and Upper Blackrock Spire). Here's the thing about raids , Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry work on Normal/Hc and can be completed unlike Hellfire Citadel in which only a few first bosses can* be killed. So when you ask "Were there any major bugs fixes?" im gonna answer with a no (Last major bug fix was in 2017) but you can still enjoy content and do end game content with guilds like "Guardians of Cenarius"-(English) and "Rise of the Draenor"-(Russian). We as a guild (Guardians of Cenarius) still do Hellfire Citadel and Blackrock Foundry every week (Highmaul occasionally for players that are on the legendary ring questline) and have every challenge mode record you can achieve atm. So I hope I see you soon on Gul'dan!
  7. People still play on this realm , but in fluctuates around 50. You can still raid, get geared and get carried to level 100 in some guilds like "Guardians of Cenarius" , if you wish to join this guild feel free to ask for an invite in the world_en channel.
  8. I do agree. If they would add valor to LFR and Dungeon Finder it would stimulate more people to join LFR and the dungeon queue for better equipment and better raiding skills which would lead up to more people testing high ilvl content. Today you can not join a raid finder group or a RDF group because they are more rare then 5v5 arena matches due to the lack of new content on wod.
  9. There are more bgs weekly then 5 , they usually happen around 8 pm . About the conquest points , they will not increase the population because you and some of us know that the problem is not gearing in pvp , the problem is legion and the lack of new content. Anyways i wish you good luck in this even though there are no developers focused on WoD as i have made a suggestion for WoD content.
  10. Proposed that idea years ago , was denied. After a couple of weeks later they gave it a go but it didnt last long , in the last few months of vanilla fs there were played by only 2 players max counting me and some guy (usually i was alone on the server for several hours).
  11. Title: [WoD] Hellfire Citadel and Mythic Content Type: In-game Description: After almost 2 years of nothing being fixed or scripted on Gul'dan i belive now is the time . As we all know mythic Antorus is comming on firestorm soon enough and that represents the end of Legion development (not counting the minor bug fixes that require no more than 3-4 developers). Because of that i would like to suggest that 2 developers start developing WoD content soon. There are still big amounts of people willing to come back to the WoD expansion to finish the end game content they always wanted . If the developers turn on the other side and start developing BfA , we all know what's going to happen. Huge amounts of people will start migrating from legion to BfA and firestorm will have even more dead servers (3 atm) that just need an act of care by at least 1 developer so they can rise again and give the people the content they've always wanted.
  12. Yeah , just /w me in-game - name Theblackhand
  13. Title: Make a vanilla wow server! Type: In-game Description:  I think a vanila server could be a good idea because people can enjoy lvling and doing old raids + getting legendaries like thunderfury and sulfas + the staff of ateish!